I didn't say funny, I said kinky.

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We’ve been on such a “let’s try new recipes” kick. Tonight, we have this:


Well, you’re the last person to send me a number and the hardest one for me to write about without sounding ridiculous. You’re impressive. You’re a contradiction. You’re brave. I admire, respect, and trust you. I envy the people who get to know you “in real life.” And you probably think I’m crazy for all of the above. I’d call you a friend, but that might make me a presumptuous ass. Regardless, you’ve told me to say what’s on my mind, so there it is. :)


Ah, hello! You’re someone I’m just starting to get to know and I’m really glad about that. I feel like you are a reliably awesome force on my dash and I’m not even sure why it took me so long to find you on here. I love hearing your thoughts on all things (Castle and life) and find myself wanting to send follow-up asks about certain topics. You’re intelligent and fun and I’m impressed by your ability to stay calm even when you get worked up about something. I’m so grateful that my fandom experience is made up of people like you.